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_ USA (Brodway) New York.
_ Beginnings of 20 th Century (1900).
_ Miss D´Ârmand lived in a hotel room. –

_ Roselie and Miss DÁrmande´s were actresses and dancers and sing. They worked in Brodway theatres

_ She went high in the air on her swing over the heads of men every night.
_ They got excited and stood up. Her yellow garter flew off and fell down to the men below her.

Why did she leave the theater?
She was tired of that life and she was tired of men who went to the theatre. So she went to live in the country (village)

What happend in the village near the sea?
She met Reverend Arthur Lyle who was a man of the church, opposite to the men that went to the theatre (who she hated)
She fell in love with him at first sight. Arthur was a fine man and he had a wonderful voice.

How was their life together?
They got married, she went to church. She helped the women of the village, They had long walks.

What did the woman tell Rosalie about Arthur?
She said he had a secret.
He had something which a woman he loved gave him, a memento.

What did Arthur tell her?
He said he fell in love with a beautiful woman before he met her.

What did he say about his love?
He saw her ten times but never met her. His love was platonic!!

What happened when she opened the desk?
She found one of her yellow garters in the drawer.
She packed and left him.

Why did she leave him?
Because he was no different from all the other men. She hated that kind of men.

What is a memento?
It is an object, a souvenir, something that we keep to remind us of a good moment in the past, a person, etc.

Why is the story called the memento?
It is the central object of the story It is through the memento that she finds out who he really is.

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